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King Lost House Key Tomball TX

You reached the phone and dialed several locksmiths telling them I need help to Unlock My House Locks.lock-key   Most of them were too busy to come and help you; some of them didn’t even answer their phones. Others may have dismissed your job as too small for them to come all the way to your home. But if you call King Locksmith of Tomball you will be happy to know that to us no job is too small. We also answer all our customer calls and are never too busy to help a client in need.

You have come home every time in the last week or so and wondered what is wrong you’re your locks because when you insert the key it seems to be stuck. panic-bar Your key also seems hard to turn and it takes you a while to unlock the door. Call our service line and let someone come and out check them out for you. If they are broken we can Change Locks quickly.

In the struggle to open your door, you could even have broken or lost one of your keys. If it didn’t break, it could also have bent and it becoming hard to use.

If you call our service in Tomball, TX, out highly accessible locksmiths can come and provide you with high quality Replacement Keys.


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When your keys have broken off and are stuck in your key hole, we can use special tools to do House Key Extraction and in a short time can provide you with additional keys if you don’t have a spare. Our services in Tomball, Texas are reliable and available to help you.